Small vinyl yellow unicorn figure with a fiery mane and a gold crown atop its head. It stands next to a clear plastic packaging that contains a squishy white unicorn inside.
7 differently designed vinyl unicorn figures, all semi transparent with different weather themes. Unicorn themes include: rainbow, lightning, sunset, snow, sun, rain and moonbeam.
A small pink semi transparent unicorn figure with a red crown atop its head, standing next to a large squishy white unicorn.
A line of 4 squishy white unicorn figures, with either green, pink, blue or purple eyes.
A semi transparent grey vinyl unicorn figure with a large lightning bolt going through its head and a smaller one as its tail. Its body is flocked and fluffy, like a grey cloud.
A small white and blue unicorn with rainbow arc atop its head and rainbow patterned legs, tail and partial face. Its body and mane are fluffy and white, like clouds.
A small half starry blue night and half golden sparkly unicorn figure. Atop its head is a yellow crescent moon and its eye is closed, as if sleeping.

tokidoki - toki mochi Sky Unicorn Blind Box

Regular price $ 14.00

Measures approximately 2.75 inches.

The toki mochi Sky Unicornos live in the Kingdom of Clouds and have come to show off their elemental powers!  Each toki mochi Sky Unicorno Blind Box contains a squishy cloud Unicorno  with a toki mochi Sky Unicorno figure hiding within!  Come play in the clouds and see what fun you'll find!

- List price is for ONE character only
- Each blind box contains one squishy Unicorno cloud toy with a collectible inside!
- Squishy Unicorno is white with 4 color variations (random)
- Open the slit in toki mochi and pull out your vinyl Unicorno! 
- Each vinyl figure stands approximately 2 inches high (50mm)
- Each squishy Unicorno stands approximately 4.8 inches high
- Characters include: Snowballs, Zinger, Drizzle, Solara, Alba, Niji and Moonbeam (chaser!)
- Paper insert listing all of the characters in this collection is included
- Recommended for Ages 8+
- WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years

This is not a toy. This is collectible art

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.