Black t-shirt featuring a graphic that takes up most of the width of the shirt. 2 small human characters, LittleTwinStar, ride atop of a smiling blue narwhal. Pink, blue and pastel yellow stars surround the image.
Back view of black t-shirt, with small text on the upper center that reads "tokidoki x Hello Kitty and Friends"

tokidoki x Hello Kitty and Friends - Star Whale T-Shirt

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tokidoki teams up with Sanrio's Little Twin Stars to bring this sweet, fun graphic tee. Simplistic and fun, a perfect fit for you or your loved one. 

- Women's screen print tee in black  
- Graphic printed on the front featuring LittleTwinStars!
- tokidoki x Hello Kitty and Friends logo printed on the upper back
- Material: 100% cotton jersey
- Fit: Basic tee