Vinyl brown unicorn figure resembling a ram, with flocked brown fur and brass colored swirling horns. Atop its head is the Virgo symbol and across its eye is the virgo star constellation. It stands next to its product packaging box, blue with pictures of unicorns on it.
Vinyl figure of a unicorn with a mermaid tail. Unicorn is a clear glittery purple with a lavender blue tail and blue mane. It has a fish crown atop its head and wears a silver necklace with a blue gem.
Vinyl figure of a baby centaur, with a blue and purple mane and a chipped horn coming out of its head. It holds a bow and arrow and it's lower half is black with glitter injection.
Vinyl figure of a clear unicorn with lots of blue glitter inside. It holds an urn on its back and has a silver urn decoration on its head, with a red gem inside. On the side of it's body is the Aquarius symbol and across its eye is the Aquarius star constellation.

tokidoki - Zodiac Unicorno Blind Box

Regular price $ 14.00

Measures approximately 2.75 inches.

The Zodiac Unicornos have flown down from the stars to show off their new styles!  All 12 of the Zodiac Unicornos are now available in our new blind box series featuring new designs with metallic shine and glittery shimmer!  Look to the stars for inspiration with our new Zodiac Unicorno Blind Box!

- List price is for one character only
- Each blind box contains one character sealed in a silver foil bag.
- Each figure stands at approximately 2.75 inches high (70mm)
- Paper insert listing all of the characters in this collection is included
- Characters in this series include all 12 signs from the Western Zodiac! Collect both colorways of Gemini (sold separately)!

Listing is for one blind box, chosen at random.