Small orange tiger figure with a large fish shaped hat around its head. It sits and holds a pink lotus. Next to it is a small brown bear in a bowl with a similar hat. They both stand in front of their blind box packaging.
Display of each option for Woow Tiger blind box figures. Options are: snowman, getting groceries, fish hats, lucky cats, lounging with books, tiger in box, cheeseburger, exercise and eating cookies.

Woow Tiger Blind Box (Free Life Series)

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Each figure measures approximately 3.5-4 inches tall.

Woow Tiger has two like-minded friends, one named milu and one named Tutu. They play, learn and discover interesting things together. The common goal is to be happy in everything. Although the two friends are action-oriented and quarrel with hands, Woow Tiger feels that lying down is the most beautiful scenery.

Collect all 8 designs, plus one hidden design!

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.