Yukinori Dehara - Ishida Ho-Nyu Vinyl Figure (No.1 "SHINJYUKU")
Yukinori Dehara - Ishida Ho-Nyu Vinyl Figure (No.1 "SHINJYUKU")
Close up of back painting, blue with a bright red shrimp with blue, orange and yellow dots and lines.
Side angle of display box, featuring photograph of figure's back and text that says "Tattoo on his back!" Bottom of box has photo of  figure with its arms extended out with text "Wide Range of Motion!" over it.

Yukinori Dehara - Ishida Ho-Nyu Vinyl Figure (No.1 "SHINJYUKU")

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Figure measures approximately 14 inches tall. 

Box measures 15.5 inches x 6 inches x 10.75 inches.

An iconic character by Yukinori Dehara, in its newest form! In collaboration with YOROZUYA, Dehara's Japanese Yakuza Action Figure "Ishida Ho-Nyu"  stands before you in vinyl sofubi form, looking like an unshakeable force. This "SHINJYUKU" design is the 1st of Dehara's Ishida Ho-Nyu sculptural variations, with an elaborate spiny lobster tattoo across his back. 

Comes with katana sword, severed head, stickers and a certificate of authenticity.