Wooden die cut painted sculptures of a red devil with horns and hairy goat legs, holding a pink flower over its head. By its side is a blue cat.

Little Devils Show: A Devilishly Fun Mini Show @ GR2

Live online 6/3 at noon PT
Watercolor and ink illustration of a kappa, a turtle like creature with a beak and leaves around its head. It sits on the ground and faces a cucumber, with the same face, which is positioned on a stump. They are under a full moon in the night sky.

Yokai Show 2023: An Art Exhibition of Folklore & Fables @ GR2

Art goes live 5/27 at 11 am PT
Art show poster displaying a scientific style illustration of a golden poppy flower. Show information accompanies, with names of artists and dates of the show.

Multimatter: An Art Show of Prints and Multiples @ GR2 Gallery

art goes live 5/20 @ 11 AM pt
Softly rendered color pencil illustration on gray toned paper of a girl's head wearing a strawberry cap. It sits alongside of figs, pomegranates and grapes akin to a traditional still life.

Fruits & Veggies Show 2023: Art You Should Almost Eat

Live 5/6 @ 11 am pt

Homesick - Solo Exhibition by Maggie Chiang

Art goes live 4/29 @ noon PT

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