Finely detailed illustration of a woman in a yellow apron sitting behind a bakery counter, fully stocked with many breads and pastries. A cat sleeps on the counter.

Idle Moments 2 - Rain Szeto
Daytime Opening: Sat April 8th 1-5 pm

art goes live 4/8 @ noon pt
Semi abstract, block style painting of GR2 Gallery's exterior, with its notable blue awning and signage. Many people stand and sit around the entrance.

Sitting Outside 2: Event Photos

View photos from the opening!
A group of people sit at a long table with white paper covering most of it. They all draw on a sheet of paper.

GR2: Draw and Cry I (Photos)

GR2's 1st draw and cry event (from 3/8/23)
Art show promo poster for Sitting Outside II at GR2 Gallery featuring a list of artists and information and a picture of a plein air painting of a light post and night emitting a bright blue light.

Sitting Outside 2 - Group Exhibition

Live 3/18 @ noon pt
Painting of a black, brown and white colored dog with a basket of large mushroom on its back, pulling a wooden cart. In the cart are flowers.

Doggo Show 2023: A Canine Themed Art Exhibition

Live 3/4 at 11 am PT

Artbound Giant Robot: Asian Popular Culture and Beyond Full Documentary