Bookish - Solo Exhibition by Susie Ghahremani

Art goes live 7/13 @ 12 noon pt
Green ink illustration of a girl in a dress holding a large, unruly bouquet of giant flowers. They go in all different directions.

Plants & Flowers Show 2024: A Green-Life Themed Art Exhibition

Artwork goes live 7/13 at 11 AM PT
Painting of a persimmon tree, with leaves of varying translucency. Several orange butterflies fly around the scene.

Daydreamer - Solo Exhibition by Maggie Chiang

Art goes live 6/29 at 12 noon PT
Illustration of a lemon, sliced in half laterally. It has a cute crying face and very thin limbs. Background is black with a yellow outline.

Fruits & Veggies Show 2024: Art You Should Almost Eat

Artwork goes live 6/22 @ 11 AM PT

Once - Solo Exhibition by Eishi Takaoka

Art goes live 6/8 @ 12 noon PT

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