Here's Packaged Ramen From Japan

Ramen from a package isn't what you think when it comes from Japan. I hate to admit that I can't read most of what's written on the label, but that's not important. What is important is the fact that the noodles aren't freeze dried, it comes with pork and menma, the soup has chunks of fat that you have to push out of the bag, and there's actually a green onion for you to chop. This is how it should be and it's complete and nearly perfect. 

But here's the part that makes it: the soft boiled egg that blends so well with the soup base. It's the special touch that I've been figuring out. So far the best timing is something like 6 minutes and 45 seconds of boiling water and a quick transfer to iced water to get the soft boiled texture just right. This one wasn't marinated since I couldn't wait. But I highly suggest the soft boiled egg. It's a game changer.