Mike Murase Writer Editor Activist - Gidra

I often cite Gidra as an influence in the making of Giant Robot. I didn't live through the movement that sparked Gidra - an Asian American newspaper / zine focusing on the anti-war / Asian American equality movement that circulated mostly in Southern California in the early 70s. However, I did spend time researching it at the Asian American studies library at UCLA. Each issue is bound and available to peruse. 

Mike Murase, an editor and writer for the publication, spoke yesterday at Pitzer College where I'm co-teaching a class about Asian American zines. He worked on each issue in it's five year span and spoke about the publishing experience, but also highlighted the differences of the political climate between then and now, and added how he's still working with his beliefs 50 years later. 

The Gidra reading was near eliminated, but knowing Mike, helped keep it in the loop and it might be one the most important aspects of the class. Murase and his experience at Gidra ties zines and community unlike most any other publication and he also tells the story of it's aftermath. This is the second time he's made an appearance at Pitzer College.