My Life as a Candidate Part 9 - Victory!

A Sawtelle Six Victory

The Sawtelle Six includes Myself, Naomi Kageyama, Jian Kerendian, Rosie Kato, Ron Migdal, and Ignacio Garcia Perez. Five got in.

Our vote counts varied, yet ended up in similar areas. From the 432 voters, Naomi received 370 votes for the Large Business seat and her opponent getting only 30 votes. I’m guessing he put no effort in including a simple statement and photo. I wondered why this person bothered running and wasting everyone’s time? I received 360 votes for the Small Business seat and my opponent ended with 48 votes. Of the 432 voters, 408 voted in my category. That’s awesome.

The At Large positions were closer. Rosie Kato 177 with votes, Ron Migdal 173 votes, and Jian Kerendian 150 votes. The next closest candidate who didn’t get a seat was Sawtelle Six candidate Ignacio with 147. He’s most likely relieved he didn’t get in. The remaining two seats went to a couple of cool non Sawtelle Six candidates, Greg Ericksen and Jamie Keeton, and I (we) look forward to working with them. There might be a new dynamic and perhaps we can do something. I didn’t see much campaigning from many as I wrote previously, and this was correct. Some candidates received under 20 votes including one who had a decent social network and never used it. Why?