SDCC X GR 1729 Exclusive 8 – Katsuya Terada Print and T-Shirts

Katsuya Terada has art exhibitions at Giant Robot. In fact he’s scheduled for one at the end of the year at Giant Robot 2 in LA. To hold you over, we’ll be releasing a print in an edition of 50. It’ll be 11×14 and in an edition of 50 for $50. We will also have three T-shirts. One is a Hot Pot Girl shirt from his exhibition last year at Giant Robot 2. It’s a collaboration T-shirt with Giant Robot, and at $23 is economical, yet beautiful. It’s also silkscreened. The second and third are T-shirts he’ll be bringing from Japan. They’re printed larger and if you look closely, are more of a garment. These are in more limited quantity (25 of each) and will be $35.