Karin Higa – Past JANM Curator RIP

Long time art everything, Karin Higa passed away. She’ll always be remembered by many as the one who put together an exhibition called A View from Within which was art from the Japanese American Concentration Camps. I saw this at UCLA with my parents in 1992. I was moved by the variety of work from a great selection of painters who I believe are as important as anyone else in art. The explanation of the works that contextualized the story to a wide ranging audience made the exhibition complete.

I remember many years ago, while I was getting the Biennale together at JANM, I ran into Karin while she was running a tour. She actually paused mid-sentence while speaking to a crowd and gave me a shout out. I was stunned. I was there to see her speak about art which she could do so well and not the other way around. She’s always been positive and was always uplifting, especially in the world of art which on the flip side of the creating part is often muddled. She’ll be greatly missed.

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