V3 – Digital Media Conference – Biennale Presentation

Fugetsu-Do – The Prize for talking about the Giant Robot Biennale 3 at JANM. At the end of the day when everyone was exhausted from a day of programming, that’s the best time to get on state to talk about the exhibition. I did a “pecha kucha” type presentation. 20 slides, 20 seconds each. Why? Because I couldn’t control or even see the person handling the projector. The job? Fill in the gaps and speed up when the slide changes. Yeah that’s the only way I could see doing this without saying, “Next!” 20 times. Yet, it kind of worked.

I showed off some customs. You can see Okkle on the bottom left (it’s an amazing piece) and Cris Rose is obstructed by the lights. Yes, the screen system there doesn’t work well in the later afternoon. Since it was a difficult presentation and the frankly the photo by Lori Kodama below makes the pics look more visible! Thanks much V3!

Thanks Jozjozjozjoz