New York City Meditations

For some, life begins and ends with pizza. After visiting a Belgian Beer bar, yes I admit I went to a bar, the pizza place next door is said to be the quality of crap. The bartender said that the place to go is Joe’s in Greenwich Village. It might be one of the best. Newbs like me tried the pepperoni first, but the real test is the simple cheese. That’s what 95% of the people walking in get.


That is Goh Nakamura at Grumpy’s Coffee. They use a Clover machine. See the phone on the table? Goh is tethered to it.

Caught in the act. That’s musician Jane Lui looking surprised and Zach Gage who created Spelltower. A hot iPhone game.


This looks like David Shrigley and it might be him. Read the message. It’s a billboard that you’ll see while walking on the Highline.

A front row seat to the street below. The Highline is a well done garden created from an elevated train track.

Cantilevers and bridges make the walk more fun.

The pink flowers on this tree looked like light.

Chess in Washington Square Park. The little kid I hoped was some kind of genius, but instead he was getting his butt kicked.

Peter Kato I don’t know why it’s out of focus, but stuff happens. It was nice talking to him.

Doughnut Plant. Strawberry Doughnut. Yes it was good.

Basta Pasta Uni Pasta

Dong! The tag of the year.