Atlantic Interview Metal Gear Designer Hideo Kojima

The man is legend. Surely there are plenty of game designers out there. All the great ones are legend.

Now that video games is an art form (yes we knew this ages ago Pixel Pushers, GR and friends Game Night, GR’s Game Over Art Exhibition) in the Smithsonian (Washington Post – Art of Video Games), they invited Hideo Kojima to speak and here are excerpts as dealt with by the Atlantic – Hideo Kojima. He says great things and perhaps this one quote says a lot.

Why the Japanese have been great game designers:

What’s really important is what we call in Japan, the spirit of Omotenashi which is a spirit of hospitality or wanting to give something to someone, or to share an experience with someone. I think it’s that spirit of hospitality and wanting to share an experience and give that experience to someone else, that’s very important.”