Song X Art Exhibition at Balconi – My Effort

The ride into Tokyo from Narita Airport is soothing after a flight across the Pacific. I like to choose the train over the bus even though it costs a bit more. It’s actually something I enjoy. I see the rice fields that are checkered, people in the distance who watch the trains go by, older houses without many neighbors, an occasional temple or pagoda and lush greenery. It’s another world that I see the from train window. I wish I could stop and walk the paths in between rice fields and wonder who’s watching me. I’d definitely wave.

The pen and watercolor image was made to have a song that accompanies it. The song is by My Bloody Valentine called Sometimes (and you can play it below in the YouTube link) and I’ve listened to it numerous times on the train in the last decade. It’s off of their album called Loveless and that’s why the sky in my image is pink. I made it for the Song X Art Exhibition at Balconi Coffee. (Art show Facebook pageArt Show – Cafe Art Music page)