White Washing Continues

The articles about white washing of Hollwood continue, and it’s not just Akira. This article touches upon history and also another upcoming manga based movie called All You Need is Kill. Again, casting is said to be non Asian. Although it’s nearing an epidemic, especially with the past films already ruined, Dragonball and Speed Racer included, I’m still not sure how bad it really is. I know it’s counter to what many of you think my opinion would be, but is it better to have Asian faces speaking their roles in English in a story that’s adapted, yet taking place in American neighborhoods? So instead of Kaneda racing through Neo Tokyo streets in Akira, we’ll have an Asian American face also named Kaneda racing through Baltimore speaking English with a pill design on his jacket? Meanwhile, he rides by Starbucks and Nordstroms Rack? Then all of his other friends and lead characters are also Asian, yet they’re cruising around in a world of non-Asians? It’s not going to work regardless of his skin color. The safest is an all out adaptation like The Departed where it can stand on it’s own having non-Asian names and faces. The real answer is do it in Japan, or not do it at all. Or else, change the name, the story and have a midwest motorcycle rally. I’d rather not see a lose, lose production that makes no sense. (LA Times – Whitewashing)