Edible Bird Nest Industry

Asian swiftlet build nests using their saliva. like a bat, they make these nests up high to lay their eggs. Poachers come and take the nests down while destroying the eggs for the $5000 a pound bounty that comes with it. According to Mercury News: “In Asia, it is a $5 billion industry, said Le Danh Hoang, who founded Hoang Yen, a Ho Chi Minh City-based bird’s nest business with annual revenues of $3 million and growing rapidly. In Vietnam, it’s a $200 million industry, behind Indonesia, the world’s largest producer, Malaysia and Thailand, he said.”

Le harvests the nests without killing the birds. He even builds the climate controlled and structures for the birds and has 500 of them in Vietnam. The entrepreneur not only has the nest farms, but also has a restaurant where you can eat a $26 soup. This guy has the nests all figured out. Anyone ever try bird nest? (Mercury News – Bird Nest)