The King of Chocolate

Isn’t chocolate universally everyone’s favorite flavor? It did come late to Japan because of the nation being one of the most isolated places in the world. Yes there are more, and much poorer places that are isolated, but imagine, Japan is an island separated from the rest of Asia by one of the toughest seas anywhere – the Japan Sea and on the other side? It’s the Pacific. It’s why it was safe from attack and foreigners. But now at the “17th Salon du Chocolat” held in Paris, it’s another story. Japan loves chocolate. Not the sweet Hersheys kind, but something that’s a bit more subdued. Desserts and sweets are a huge part of society and chocolate has crept in. Imagine, why are the multi flavors of Kit Kats so popular? Yes, there you have it. Japan loves chocolate. Yet it goes to the highest levels.

Japan is part of the elite of chocolate. “… Susumu Koyama, 47, was even named “Best Foreign Chocolatier” — winning out over top masters from celebrated chocolate-making nations like Belgium and Switzerland.” Koyama it turns out is like the greatest around. A celebrity in the making for desserts. (AFP – Susumu) and read more about Koyama here.