Netflix to Show CJ Entertainment Movies


Netflix Streaming is known to have a variety of crappy films. It’s where filmmakers who’s films are either too low budget, didn’t make it to the big screen, or just flew under the radar actually succeed. Some movies are just older than old and this is their last gasp of air. Streaming also gives you TV shows super late, but it’s better than renting DVDs one by one. Many Asian films live on Netflix. Now CJ Entertainment, the power moguls of cinema in Korea are putting some of their pictures on Netflix Streaming. Here’s some titles.

“Included in the deal are blockbusters from iconic Korean director Kang Woo-Suk including his recent mystery thriller hit Moss, and Silmido, a riveting restaging of a 1973 plot against the President; lighter fare such as The Servant, a racy period comedy, and I’m A Cyborg But That’s Ok, an offbeat romantic comedy from celebrated director Park Chan-Wook starring Rain. Other titles include Arahan; Fish Story; Castaway on the Moon; Going by the Book; Good Morning President; Harmony; Killer Virgin Road; King and the Clown; Love, in Between; Murder, Take One; No Mercy; Rikidozan; Sayonara Itsuka; Secret; Sophie’s Revenge; and The Unjust.” (Fandom Post – CJ)