The Artist – Film Review

After seeing The Artist, a movie at HIFF, which is a tribute to the silent film era but with a modern flair, I can say the trailer below doesn’t give the film justice.

The Artist an golden picture. After just a few minutes, I could only think, “amazing.” It wasn’t the elaborate sets, lighting, style, or costuming – which were all well taken care of. The director, Frenchman Michel Hazanivicius put together a work that focused heavily as any film ever, on the performances. They can’t talk, but at the same time had to tell a story in a style that was like 1930. The over acting of the past is represented, but the joy of “the performance” is clearly shown. The heyday of when people wouldn’t just brood, mope, or be crappy, they had to wear multiple hats to move a story. It’s as if the lives of the silent era artists of the past were amalgamated into one, a man named George Valentin who is on top but then thrust into  a world of “talkies”. Life changes and that’s where The Artist in George Valentin comes out.

The starlet is equally stunning and she pushes this romantic tale in the most amazing ways. This silent film bought by the Weinsteins will get some kind of release and should be the talk of the theaters. It’s a film for anyone. It’s sweet, fun, and mind blowing if you love cinema. Jean Dujardin who plays George Valentin won best actor at Cannes and you’ll be “hearing” more about this soon. Oscars, look out.