Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong and Dylan Williams

It was great to see Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong. We talked about the passing of Sparkplug’s Dylan Williams. Evidently, it was his wake in Portland literally at the same time last night. It took place at a comics shop which was fitting for a guy who spent a lot of time in the indie industry. Hellen and Calvin mentioned that they wanted to be there, but couldn’t so it was fitting that we were able to reminisce about the goodness Dylan brought. Dylan published Hellen’s first comic, Jin and Jam and was generous the entire way. While at a convention in Portland, Calvin said he sold a few of his comics throughout the day, but Dylan picked up 30 copies for distro at the end. We talked about Dylan’s generosity, his great eye, some publishing milestones and great attitude. A conversation is just one thing, and really, the least we could do to commemorate the guy. We had our own wake. At the end of the night, Hellen said, “Thanks for talking about Dylan.”