Asian Man Mike Park “Oral History” Pt1.

No, it’s not by us, however, Mike Park is on in a three part interview. The weird thing is that part one isn’t very long, so why is this in three parts? This is the internet! More space, free space, etc. You can’t give more than this in a three part interview? How about just breaking it in half? Or just doing it in one longer post? But, it is free! This “article” is about Mike Park, the old school of Asian Americans in indie music who’s still doing it his way. His record label Asian Man Records takes place out of a home and he’s a good man with a good heart. It’s not often that a person can venture on his own, be in bands, create a record label and make it by for so many years. The music isn’t the most giant bands, although he’s put out some big ones like Alkaline Trio, however he also puts out work that you’ll never hear and stuff that won’t pay him back. But that’s how he works. It’s what he’s into and that’s what comes out. ( – Mike Park)