Cookie Chef Babo Offer at Giant Robot Store

Spend $25 and you get a little form that you send in, and  you get? Cookie Chef Babo. It’s an insane deal and smartly, the Uglydoll folks and David Horvath and Sun-min Kim have created a way to get people out to the shops. Get out, come see us, get in, get a form. Once we run out of forms… that’s when the offer expires. We’ll see if we can get more!


Addendum: no Chronicle Books products,  Bossy Bear, or Qee or Toy2R products. We like them, but they don’t count. Tax doesn’t count either. One household can receive up to 3 of the of plush.


We extended this online. We’ll mail you the certificate. You need to at 4.95 shipping, it’s a 12″ doll. The products need to have a barcode, so the buttons are too small! Internationals, you’ll probably have to wait. Limit of 3 per household!