Game Review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 – XBox 360

When I pop in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, I was welcome by some familiar faces and new faces I have never seen before in the Gundam series.As I started the game I was welcomed by the Dynasty Warriors interface which shows: Story Mode, Online mode, or System were you have options and can even check out the gallery section which contains background of all the Mobile Suit pilots. The Mobile Suit gallery is an option were you can view information of each Mobile Suit you can encounter. BGM (background music) gallery contains music from the game and of course a movie gallery. By picking Story Mode you automatically start off as Amuro Ray the hero of Gundam 0083.{correction made by Nahart G} when in fact Amuro Ray is from Gundam 0079 



As you progress thru the game, you open new missions with different characters or pilots who take different routes: good, evil, and uncertain. As you level up the characters, the melee, shot, defense and their special move improve. Another cool perk in the game is upgrading your Gundam and collecting new Gundam plan models to make them super strong and improving them. Don’t expect the most beautiful maps in the game since you will be preoccupied by beating the crap out of the enemies.


Game Play

The way the game works is that you have an overlay map showing what areas you must conquer in order for your infantry to get stronger while you weaken the enemy home base. The cell shaded characters is an awesome improvement from the other DWG (Dynasty Warriors Gundam). The game controls are super simple easy for any player to enjoy demolishing robots left and right I just wish they’d fix the camera. It’s so annoying when  I’m about to do my special move and I have to fix the camera to actually see it. Also, don’t expect the best voice acting, but listening the original dub voice actors from America and Japan and being able to change it is a super plus for me.




Now as my final verdict, I don’t recommend the game to new players not familiar to the Gundam series. The story and heroes will most likely turn the player off because he will have no idea what the hell is going besides destroy robots.

I do recommend this to fans familiar with Gundam and the Dynasty Warrior franchise. Hell yes, this game has more fan service than anything, and what’s going to win them over is that you can play historic moments of each Gundam series after you keep unlocking more pilots. How awesome is that?


Goods and Bads

Good: over 120 characters and mobile suits
Good: you can relive historic battles from the anime itself
Good: over 300 + missions not including the multiplayer mission as well.

Bad: Well if you not familiar with the Gundam series, you might not know which character belongs in what series.
Bad: This can get to repetitive with the same mission over and over.
Bad: Too many characters to level up
Bad: Really bad camera