Art for Wear! Buttons by Artists!

Giant Robot features many artists with our monthly art shows while we also feature various designers and labels through our apparel. Art and Fashion come together in small ways and usually you will find art for wear through our various selection of buttons and pins!

All of our pins portray either art work from popular artists that Giant Robot features or independent design labels that provide unique designs and slogans. Click on the photo below in order to peruse our excellent assortment of buttons!

Giant Robot also features new buttons by popular artist Yukinori Dehara! These buttons were just released during the “Pant Flash” art show at GR2.

In addition to his new release of buttons, Giant Robot also features many restocks of his more popular buttons that feature more controversial and creative art work! Various oni, psychos, and tentacle monsters adorn these buttons! Click on the photo above to peruse and purchase so that you can wear his art!