Summer Reading for the Artistically Inclined

It’s too hot to do anything, right? It’s so hot that the paint is melting off of your canvases and your energy just oozes out of your pores with your sweat. The only thing you want to do is lay down in a cool place …and read. But your eyes want more to look at than endless pages of printed words or endless text on your Kindle, so this post will recommend several art books and comics for the artistically inclined!

Elfworld Volume 1

Compiled by artist Jeffrey Brown and edited by Francois Vigneault, the long-awaited indie-comics fantasy anthology is now available! This first volume compiles individual stories of sword and sorcery with art from artists like Jeffrey Brown, Martin Cendera, Jesse Reklaw, Ron Regè, Jr., Souther Salazar, Matt Wiegle, Sean Collins, Grant Reynolds and many others.

Some stories are comedic while others pull you into an intricate world where sword and sorcery rule. Each story contains its own array of magical creatures and battle-scarred heroes, pulling you into a different realm that existed long ago. These are indie comics with a fantasy twist!

Andy Hartzell – Fox Bunny Funny

The rules are simple: you’re either a fox or a bunny. Foxes oppress and devour, bunnies suffer and die. Everyone knows their place. Everyone’s satisfied. So what happens when a secret desire puts you at odds with your society? Starting from a simple premise — and without using a single word — Fox Bunny Funny leads the reader on a zigzag chase in and out of rabbit holes, and through increasingly strange landscapes where funny animals have serious identity problems. The tale swerves from slapstick to horror and back again before landing at the inevitable climax, in which all the old rules are shattered. When you emerge, you’ll find yourself gazing at our own fragmenting society with new eyes.

High Soft Lisp

Five six. Hundred twenty-eight pounds. Forty-three twenty-two thirty-sex. High soft lisp. Genius level I.Q. Meet the enchanting Rosalba “Fritz” Martinez, half-sister to the legendary Luba, in this latest volume of never-before collected work from Gilbert Hernandez. High Soft Lisp is the chronicle of her lives and loves, from punkette to psychiatrist and all the way to “Z” movie star. Featuring an eclectic cast of Hernandez-created eccentrics including motivational speaker Mark Herrera, slobby rock n’ roller Scott “The Hog,” and high school nerd turned obsessive bodybuilder Enrique Escobar, High Soft Lisp is one of Hernandez’s sexiest, funniest, and most freewheeling story collections.

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