“Car-maggedon” Means “Stay Home and Watch Movies”

Today is the eve of “Car-maggedon” in Los Angeles, when the 405 freeway shuts down between the 10 fwy and 101 fwy. Chaos is bound to ensue. All residents are advised to stay home and stay off the freeways. Giant Robot Online can help with the weekend’s house arrest as we have several popular asian films on DVD available for purchase!

The Isle on DVD
The Isle is a 2000 South Korean film written and directed by Kim Ki-Duk. The film was the fifth film made by Kim, and it received wide international acclaim for his recognizable style. It is notorious for being difficult to watch as accounts of viewers vomiting or passing out during the more gruesome scenes.

Ju-On (The Grudge) on DVD
The original movie that inspired the US remake The Grudge. Ju-on is a 2000 Japanese direct-to-video film directed by Takashi Shimizu. When a person dies with a deep and burning grudge, a curse is born. This movie follow the lives of the people affected by a curse created by a murdered housewife in a house in Nerima.

The Eye on DVD
All is not as it appears in this chilling psychological thriller. After 18 years as a blind woman, Mun’s eyesight is restored after a corneal transplant. Immediately, mysterious black-clad figures seem to foreshadow sudden deaths and horribly disfigured denizens haunt her daily.

Giant Robot Online provides these movies as well as several other films on DVD! Click on the photo above or follow the link below to see what we have available: