Akira – The Live Action Funeral


People are wearing red with a pill design on their backs, like Kaneda above.

The audience both inside and outside spill out. It’s all Hollywood execs who hoped it would be better than Speed Racer or Dragon Ball. Yes the temple is overfilled with them trying to make their next deal within the nepotism laced industry. Is it going to be that live action Doraemon feature? Leonardo as the blue cat? It’s like a mafia funeral that you see in movies. They’re not there for the actual death, they’re there to see if they going to be the next boss.

Pall Bearers: Anime Fans and media watchdogs. Yes you did it. You complained loudly enough that Akira was going white washed, and now the Hollywood disaster in the making is dead. Hold that casket proudly and keep taking care of the living baby – Akira the Katsuhiro Otomo animation.

Sermons led by George Takei. Yes his complaints were loud! “White washing of Hollywood.” (short interview at Perez). He’ll acknowledge the original family. Otomo, Kaneda, Akira, the red bike, etc. Maybe they’ll saw a few words. Done deal. Quick and easy. Cremation and leave it in an urn next to the ton of failed anime to movie DVDs. They mostly don’t work. Post funeral meal at a Chinese restaurant. Everyone’s invited. Let’s eat.