Film Reviews – You Hurt my Feelings and How To Cheat

You Hurt my Feelings - Director Steve Collins

The tiny girl actress personifies mumblecore because she’s probably 2 years old. She does mumble and her role is priceless. This is a quiet movie about a Zach Galifianakis looking dude who’s into this one girl, who is into another goofy guy. But then the goofy guy messes up and the girl goes back to “Zach”. The film depicts a boring and miserable life of a Northern anywhere towner. The Zach G. lookalike works a nanny of two and is trying to keep the kids under control. He has trouble with the kids, which is like an allegory for his own life that’s scattered. I understand crappy lives, but these didn’t have to be that way. The Zach G characters is always on his back staring up into the air. It’s as if something’s supposed to come to him but doesn’t and that’s how life is.

You Hurt My Feelings from jgs on Vimeo.

How to Cheat – Director Amber Sealey

This one starts with a naked man dancing around in a backyard, full frontal nudity, out of shape, and with little reason for it except it was funny. You get the sense that the guy is a nut. Married, he thinks cheating on his wife who can’t get pregnant is actually going to help their not sparkling relationship. Their sex is had just to make a baby, it’s a turnoff. Like his job of driving limos in LA, he’s in a rut of a routine. Then he meets a seductress played by Amanda Street. I wonder why I’d remember her name? Oh yeah, it’s because she’s the seductress. She makes the movie change gears. The story which was unscripted had fun parts that dissect a crappy marriage. The cast won the ensemble acting award at the LA Film Festival. They put forth performances that were unscripted and felt realistic.