“Panty Flash” Brings the World of Dehara to Giant Robot!

With the opening reception during the Fourth of July weekend, Yukinori Dehara brings his unique brand of creativity and insanity to Giant Robot! His new art show, “World Wide Panty Flash,” was unveiled this past weekend, where renown and new characters from the world of Dehara revealed themselves in various scandalous states of undress! It was a room of infamous panty shots as each character showed a little skin and some even showed a few guts. His new art show is now available online for perusal and purchase. Come and sneak a peek at all of the panty shots that Yukinori Dehara has to offer! Click on the photo below or click on this secure link: WORLD WIDE PANTY FLASH!

World Wide Panty Flash!

Yukinori Dehara’s “Panty Flash” not only brings crotch shots to Giant Robot! New merchandise by Yukinori Dehara has also invaded the interior of GR2! Fans of the artist can now own plush dolls of Menta-Kun, various sticker and button sets, Menta-Kun pencil cases, Menta-Kun hand towels, and various straps and keychains! These new products are limited in quantity, so purchase your favorite Dehara merchandise soon!

Click on the array of plush Menta-Kun below or follow the secure link [HERE].