Bossy Bear Attack! New Kaiju Bossy Bear 5″ Vinyl Figures!

The evolution of Bossy Bear has reached its limit! And the new Kaiju Bossy Bear 5″ Vinyl Figures have reached Giant Robot! These new Bossy Bears feature the eclectic combination of western cuteness and eastern malevolence as Bossy Bear has become an altered beast that rivals the vinyl kaiju monsters before him. Recently released by Toy2R, the kaiju-inspired figure transmutes the moi-inducing Bossy Bear with a reptilian torso, scales, sharp teeth and fangs. He is dubbed the “Strange Beast Bossy Bear!”

The new 5” figure is available in Blue and Pink versions with four different facial expressions, because you never know what terrifying mood Bossy Bear will be in.

Click on the photo below in order to witness the emergence of this new incarnation! More bossy than ever before!

Bossy Bear Savage Kaiju Attack!

Bossy Bear is very bossy. And he’s also had just about enough. Bossy has reached his limit. Just like you, Bossy Bear has a strong side. Well Bossy’s strong side has come out, and he wants things his way NOW!!! Let Bossy help you find your strong side.