Meet the Jury at the LA Film Festival

First these folks aren’t on the jury. That’s DJ on the left. Doug Jones. He’s eternally young but has been at the film for a while. Cinema keep him young. That’s Mike Plante on the right. I met him ages and ages ago via mail from the zine days. We used to write long form and kept in touch since. He did a zine called Cinemad out of Arizona. I remember the details pretty well. It’s great to see him involved in what he loves. Film.

Daniel Waters. Seriously hilarious and guess what? He wrote Heathers and a bunch of flicks that are classics. Ford Fairlane with Dice Clay? Batman Returns? He lives in LA and doesn’t drive and he can sell a script tomorrow.

That’s David Ansen the artistic director of the festival and Lynn Shelton at right. Look her up. She’s a director and an actress. I didn’t catch her at her best second, but she looks ready to be on screen at all moments. I get to sit next to her in movies. That’s not bad.

So far I’ve seen, You Hurt My Feelings, How to Cheat, The Dynamiter, Sawdust City, Familiar Grounds, and The Fatherless.