More Mari! Sekaiseifukudan DIY Usagiman Now Available!

Since the release of her new vinyl figures and autograph signing at GR2, Mari Inukai’s Sekaiseifukudan series has been in popular demand. Giant Robot Online had seven figures available for customers to purchase. Now we are releasing an eighth figure for her enthusiastic fans!

The Usagiman Do-It-Yourself figure is a clear light mint figure, measuring about 7 inches tall. It is similar to the light pink Usagiman figure, but this DIY figure is unpainted, allowing customization of its various features. All Sekaiseifukudan figures are eligible to receive a customized signature by the artist herself! Just choose “Signed” from the drop-down option when you make your order. There is no deadline for an artist signature request yet.

Mari Inukai was originally born in Nagoya, Japan but moved to the United States to study art. She studied art first at Santa Monica Community College until she graduated with a BFA in Character Animation from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California in 2004. She has worked with Sanrio Co., Disney Consumer Products, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, O Entertainment, Wild Brain, Nylon Motion Inc., Oishii Productions and NGTV. She has produced a short animated film, titled Blue and Orange, which has been featured in numerous film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival 2003 and winning the Japanese Grand Prix title at the Short Shorts Film Festival Expo 2005. Her art is featured in numerous galleries and exhibits for the many admirers of her talent.

Click on the photo above or follow this secure link in order to check out her newly released Sekaiseifukudan figures:

Mari Inukai Sekaiseifukudan