Rise 50 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes


At the end of last week, and technically, part of the weekend as well, I was part of a group called Rise 50. It’s a name given to “us” by the marketing groups associated with Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie. Obviously “Rise” is part of the movie title, but perhaps there were 50 of us bloggers and YouTubers invited to find more about this upcoming film. I haven’t seen the “Influencer” tag in a while, and I thought it was nearly extinct, but here it is again. I’ll admit I had skepticism as did most everyone else. Our last recollection of Planet of the Apes was the 2001 flop film starring Mark Wahlberg. It was easy to figure out that we were there to tell you about this film, and how it’s nothing like the 2001 version. It’s something entirely new and maybe even great – which will remain to be seen. We didn’t get to see a finished product. We did hear from Fox Chairman, Tom Rothman, Director Rupert Wyatt, and many others including a marketing exec, and a special effects rep from Weta Digital. We also saw X-Men before most everyone did, by a couple of hours. I’ll post a bit more later about the film and hopefully with a few details.


There was  lot of this. When YouTubers are around, so are their cameras. It’s amazing how compact they can do everything. Often it’s a FlipCam, or just a point and shoot.

I thought this was funny. Simpsons and a dumpster.

Blogging From Korea!

FreshnessMag and Nitrolicious

So confused now. Vice mag and forgot the outlet.

The set.

Tour of the sets.

Tourists at the set.

This is the best thing ever. I wish the Planet of the Apes ended with this. Damn you Donuts!

Edward Scissorhands works here!