Art Before the Artwalk

Tomorrow is the monthly Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk, and like everyone else I usually look forward to it. Lately, I’ve been attending the artwalk with friends who are more interested in the liquor and loud music instead of the art and crafts that artwalk has to offer. Occasionally, when we walk to the bars then we do stop and check out the art that we pass by. I can understand their disinterest, since most of the art are commercial prints or photography that I’ve seen before, and the crafts are things I’ve seen at farmer’s markets or street vendors.

Working at Giant Robot has its advantages, since I’m exposed to new original art work each month. Not only do I get to see and handle each piece that comes to our galleries, but occasionally I get to meet the artist and speak with them about their work. The latest show at GR2 featured three different artists who each had her own distinct style, which made for a pretty successful show.

After taking down the art at GR2 today, I realized that many of the pieces were purchased by satisfied guests, but there are still some incredible pieces that were not purchased. You can check out what we have available from the GR2 Realms show here:

Realms at GR2

Our GRSF Power Punch show was just as amazing, since it featured so many of our popular artists like Jeremy Tinder, Martin Ontiveros, Le Merde, Chris Buzelli, Travis Lampe, and many new favorites. The vibrant colors and energized images of the work of Martin Ontiveros and Le Merde always impresses me, while the distinct style of Jeremy Tinder has always been one of my favorites. In this art show, I also discovered two artists whose styles appealed to me – Elizabeth Mamont and Jesse Tisse. I look forward to seeing more of their work in future shows with Giant Robot.

You can also see and purchase their work through our Giant Robot Webstore through the following link:

Power Punch at GRSF

All of our featured art are immediately available for sale. Since both art shows have been taken down, then your art work can be shipped out quickly as well.