be what LOSERS call a LOSER

be what losers call a loser

I am writing a self help book called Be What Losers Call a Loser.
The back of the cover will probably explain that being a millionaire means you get to live as if you make 40K, you just don’t have to worry anymore. But if you live like a millionaire, watch out pal, that costs a million dollars.
My motto is “be what losers call a loser”. Stay home and make the stuff everyone else goes out and does on a Saturday night, and don’t tell a SOUL what you are going to do…just do it and we will find it out there. Even when you are done, don’t say a word. ( I just broke my motto ) Just take a sip of water and get right back to work on the next thing. Let us enthusiasts out there find and celebrate your work. Shut your mouth and get it all done. OK now that you hate this, get ready for more. And yes I did pick a ford over a Bentley so I could buy more die cast robots and save for retirement.
The rich guy toys are for broke folks.
NO thanks.