Jaus Art – Wabi Savvy in West LA

Tucked away in West Los Angeles in a partial residential / industrial neighborhood, is Jaus Art. Jaus is a fun spelling of “House”.  I’ve driven by it dozens of times and seen a painted wall on the side. It’s appointment only. Ichiro Irie, 41, is an artist and instructor at Santa Monica College and Oxnard College and handles the space / residence. He was once a Fulbright recipient and studied art in Mexico City for five years and has run Jaus Art for the last couple of years. The current exhibition Wabi Savvy features Japanese artists and was curated by Gilbert Kuno who penned an interview with “Hard Gay” in a previous Giant Robot issue. It’s an appointment only space, so if you want to see it, drop Irie a line. Jaus Art.

Takao Sakai – azuki beans and sculpts

Yuki Matsueda – pieces of objects warping from the background.

Yasushi Ebihara – He used to paint Macauley Culkin

Saya Kubota – a bird

Takao Sakai

Takao Sakai

Toshiya Masuda – this is hand sculpted

Momoko Seto – micro photography animation of mold.

Daito Manabe – funny video of electrodes on faces in harmony.

Eye Yamatsuka and or Yamataka from the Boredoms

Yasushi Noguchi + Hideyuki Ando – reactions to the bear

Tetsuhito Kinoshita – look Jeff Soto like!

Nerhol – alphabet books. This is a D

Mitsuko Ikeno – this feels nuclear.

Jaus Art

Asuka Hirata – nice drawing!