Giant Robot 68

This issues features Eric’s long interview with cover artist Luke Chueh. You know his painterly art with gory bunnies and bears, but do you know how to pronounce his name? Also …

Martin has a spirited conversation with Hausu’s Nobu Obayashi. The man’s answers are as wild as his legendary movie is.

James Leung corners Shinji Aramaki, the mecha visionary behind Bubblegum Crisis, Mospeada, Appleseed: Ex Machina, and Halo Legends: The Package, at Anime Weekend in Atlanta.

Eric talks to Joe Hahn about what it’s like to balance business and creativity as part of Linkin Park, Inc.

The art, photography, and design of K Punk/Kicking Giant Tae Won Yu.

Actress and writer Ayako Fujitani chats with Iwai Shunji, genius filmmaker behind All About Lily Chou-Chou, Swallowtail Butterfly, and the upcoming Vampire.

Hong Kong film icon Daniel Wu digs into his hard drive to share behind-the-scenes, personal photography shot in Thailand, Taiwan, Shanghai…

Martin and photographer Ben Clark visit the Metal Mulisha compound to breath dirt with freestyle motocross upstart from Japan, Taka Higashino.

Original Beijing punk Anna Sophie Loewenberg shares a day in the life making her online show, Sexy Beijing.

Martin meets Sandra Vu, the only “real” Asian in Dum Dum Girls and force behind SISU.

GR designer Wendy Lau shares her Perfect Day in Venice, Italy, with Stanley Kubrick, Peggy Guggenheim, and a Bollywood film crew.

Legendary post hardcore band Envy from Japan, Chinese video artists Zhang Peili and Zhu Jia, Takashi Murakami in France, and a load of new movies, videogames, anime, music, and other goods reviewed so you don’t get ripped off.