A visit to Disneyland’s fabled Club 33

A visit to Disneyland’s fabled Club 33

I grew up in Orange County and even worked at Disneyland as a Jungle Cruise guy when I was in college, so I've spent a lot of time at the Magic Kingdom. And while one can appreciate the World's Largest People Trap Built by a Mouse despite knowing its ins and outs–as my brother says, it's like enjoying Christmas even though you know Santa Claus is fake–I have to admit that the park had lost some of its lustre for me. Cost, crowds, and newer, lesser attractions and reboots will do that. But when a friend mentioned that he just became a member of Club 33 and could get me in, I was all over it.

In case you're not familiar with Club 33, it's an exclusive club and high-end restaurant at Disneyland located a few doors down from the Pirates of the Carribbean exit on the other side of the Blue Bayou. I used to think the latter was the raddest place to eat at the park with its permament dusk, fake fireflies, and boats returning from Davy Jones' Locker drifting by, but anyone can get a reservation there. To get into Club 33 you have to be a member or know a member. It's also famously the only place at Disneyland where you can drink alcohol. (No, beers in the caverns on Tom Sawyer's Island don't count.)

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