AI FOR AI vs. Dum Dum Girls vs. Giant Robot

AI FOR AI vs. Dum Dum Girls vs. Giant Robot

After running the article on Sandy Vu from Dum Dum Girls in Giant Robot 68, which might still be on some stands, I posted a show review that got reposted via Facebook and blog by a local clothing company called AI FOR AI. A flurry of FB friending and emails turned into coffee in Echo Park, and it turns out that Carol and Elizabeth Ai (right and left, in pic by Jiro Schneider, above) not only make cool clothes for awesome bands (bonus DDG pics below) but they are also knowledgable about GR and share some mutual friends with me. Now the sisters can be your friends, too. New Yorkers, look for Carol during Fashion Week!

GR: Your distribution is quite selective at this time, so running into people wearing AI FOR AI must not happen very often. What do you do when you see someone in your designs? Gush? Play it cool?
C: I’ve seen it twice now since we made our first delivery last year. We’ve only shipped two seasons that have been on display so it’s pretty awesome. I didn’t say anything to the cute ladies I saw in our clothes but I did do a little somersault in my heart!

E: I have not had the chance to witness such glory but I don’t go out very much. I’m pretty much a recluse unless it’s work related, happy hour related or a good friend’s birthday.

GR: To me, seeing your gear on Dum Dum Girls and Bethany

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