Giant Robot 61

Philip Lumbang – Meet the painter behind the “polite bear” vandalism around Los Angeles

Wizards of Gore – Gore movie god Yoshihiro Nishimura spills his guts on Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl
Bill Kong – Producer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Fearless, House of Flying Daggers, Lust, Caution, and… Blood: The Last Vampire?
Indie Cinema from India – Supermen of Malegaon vs. The Prisoner
Sion Sono – Cinematic badass.

Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The band from Brooklyn is usually compared to My Bloody Valentine, but channels Velocity Girl, Teenage Fanclub, and Heavenly, too
Think Plink – Mixel Pixel’s Kaia Wong goes to Africa to learn the Mbira

Do Ho Suh – Houses, cultures, and worlds collide at LACMA in mind-bending miniature detail

Alien Art – Daniel Wu investigates the Fortean art of ex-LMF and full-time UFO buff Prodip Leung

Ayako Fujitani – The actress takes toy cameras for a test drive

Whaling Vigilantes – Photographer Adam Lau goes to battle with the Sea Shepherds against Japanese whalers

Gothic & Lolita U.S.A. – Dressing up with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright co-founder Fumiyo Isobe and chief designer Kumiko Uehara on the eve of opening their first boutique in North America

Wok Hmong Us – Sheng Yang co-wrote a cookbook for a culture with no written language
Saltwater Coffee – From Taiwan to Irvine
DIY joysticks for fighting games

A Perfect Day in Cambridge with Damon & Naomi

All-new videogame review section
Extra-long TV Party