Giant Robot 68.2 - Even more music reviews and follow-ups

Giant Robot 68.2 - Even more music reviews and follow-ups

Rad new music keeps coming in… I interviewed Ian Svenonious for Robot Power issue back when he was in The Make-Up and The Dirtbombs for GR62. Beaches will be touring with Dum Dum Girls, who I featured in GR68. Frodus? Gotta mix in something new now and then, even if the 7″ is a comeback of sorts… Enjoy! (Above pic: Ian S. at The Smell, May 2009.)

Chain & The Gang – Music's Not For Everyone
Crossing the line from singing totally naturally to sounding absolutely fabulous, Ian Svenonious's latest band has gone from primal, campfire funk to what can only be described as deconstructed musical theatre. And it provides the makings for a really interesting show. “Can't Get Away” would be a great opener, showing our hero's mental duress. “It's a Hard, Hard Job (Keeping Everybody High)” would reveal the larger problem. “Not Good Enough” would show his heroic defeat/resolution. Wouldn't the ex-leader of Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Scene Creamers, and Weird War look great on a big stage in his white suit? And isn't the celebratory “Detroit Music” a perfect closing number? Yet the songs' storytelling aspects would mean crap if they didn't resonate as perfectly true–which they do. [K Records]

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