Car Accident

It's 2:25AM friday night. The bars just let out, and I hear what sounds like a dumpster being emptied and dropped by a truck, but it's magnified. I take a look outside and see a car with it's headlights on facing another car. The street is empty, sans the two cars. How did that happen? I walk down and see a deployed airbag, a kid is walking around saying, “what do I do?” “i'm fucked” “I live right down the street”. He's in shock. He's fine, and I'm there to try and help him out. I suggest calling the police and was hoping the neighbors would come out. He then says, “I don't care about this other car, I just want to get out of here.”

Since I was there to help so my first instinct was to help the kid out. I found his front plate which was logged into the parked car. I grabbed it and handed it to him. I gave him a plan to get his car out. Free the front left tire from the fender which looked to be an impossible task. He needed a crow bar or perhaps the Jaws of Life to get his car free. Why was I helping this guy who could have killed someone? It was time for him to be responsible. I told him good luck, and he's stuck.