Dum Dum Girls and Abe Vigoda at The Echoplex

Dum Dum Girls and Abe Vigoda at The Echoplex

I interviewed Sandy, the drummer from Dum Dum Girls, in GR68. Great answers, cool person, amazing band. My only regret was that I didn't get to see them play–something I do for pretty much every group I interview for GR–because they were in Europe. So I had no problem going out on a rainy Tuesday night to see them at The Echoplex. Especially since Abe Vigoda was opening. Last time I tried to see them was in Paris with another Sub Pop band (No Age) and it was sold out. I was stuck outside.

Abe Vigoda's new album is drastically different than their previous ones. Gone are the warm “tropical punk” vibrations, replaced by a cold, Pornography-era Cure toughness (although bass player David Reichart's stage presence is actually more Paul Simonon than Simon Gallup). Above: Singer Michael Vidal unleashes.

New percussionist/keyboardist Dane Chadwick bust from behind the kit to play some guitar and even sing.

Juan is still the man. The new songs that come across as cold (and great) at home sounded way tougher live. Especially the ones with drum machines. I can't wait to re-listen to them loud on headphones.

Headliners Dum Dum Girls made a statement by setting up and tuning their own gear: they don't need dudes to do their heavy lifting and they don't need to wear sweatpants when they're doing it, either.

What comes across as fuzzed-out post-girl-group sounds on vinyl, is revealed to be a beast onstage. Maybe it's the power of the full band being together? Dum Dum Girls break out the buzzsaws but do it with the coolness of Poison Ivy. The leader of the gang is Dee Dee.

Look at that. Not one drop of sweat under the lamps on a damp evening.

They went through their material with cool intensity. No BS or posturing needed to blow away the audience–just a ton of attitude and skill, as well as a couple hits.

The Echoplex is a large venue, and Dum Dum Girls filled it up with their icy sounds and stares. There's an EP coming soon and a new album about to be recorded, so expect bigger and radder (yet sadder) shows to come. Everyone exited the club after 1:00 a.m. to a perfectly drizzly, cool, and beautiful evening hinting at what's to come.