Geminids - meteor shower

Geminids - meteor shower

I think that would be the best photo of a meteor falling from space. Actually compared to the last time I tried shooting them, this was a huge success. I actually caught some bright ones. It was a cold night up the 5 freeway at around 4000 feet up. We didn't get to Mt Pinos, which is 8000 feet up. I'll have to try that, the time time. There was some wind, but overall it was just freezing cold. Of course I used a tripod, and long exposures on the camera. Usually it was 25 seconds and all the way open at 3200. The meteors originate near the Gemini stars, and it wasn't hard to figure out where that was. I've read that this was one of the best examples of meteor showers in a while, and it was pretty good. I'm partial to the Perseids in the summer. Here's my blog from that outing.

See the meteor near the top middle? Part of shooting these meteors is getting a frame of reference. Mountain, trees etc, without them, it's just a random photo of stars.

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