Stella and Janak in Laguna

Stella and Janak in Laguna

My year of rad weddings came to a conclusion on Saturday in Laguna Beach, where my friend and GR58 cover artist Stella Lai got married to Janak Dudakia. We knew it was going to be amazing when the two dropped off a punjabi for Eloise to wear a couple weeks ago. Cool and cute. After that, we knew we'd have to get a sari for Wendy as well.

One of the first people we saw was our friend/supreme stylist Thy Mai, who met Stella at the GR Biennale 2 closing party and has gone on to become good friends with her. Naturally, she helped out with Stella's look. (We also saw Thy's dude/rad skater Tad Suzuki, artist seen in GR/ace curator Gina Osterloh, gallerist Danielle Laverty, and Ted and Angie from Poketo.)

Stella's entrance from the rear stairs to the temple's front was unreal–like something out of a movie. She could have walked out of one of her own paintings, and her family from Hong Kong must have had their minds blown.

The ceremony was traditional Hindu, consisting of seven marriage rites, and the modestly ornate room became more and more packed as they went on. It was obvious that Janak's parents are viewed in super high regard by the locals.

After the ceremony, we managed to grab a few moments with Janak and Stella and had to take a picture. They don't usually dress like this. After the delicious meal, Wendy, Eloise, and I went to the beach and walked around. What a surreal and beautiful day that Stella and Janak will never forget and neither will we.

Did I mention that Eloise really got into the Indian style and even busted out some Bollywood moves?