Jack’s Hot Dog Stand, North Adams Massachusetts

Jack’s Hot Dog Stand, North Adams Massachusetts

Jack's founded in 1918. Amazing hot dogs. Well, pretty good, and only .95 each. The chili dogs 1.60. The place is old school, has about 12 seats, and they steam their buns. It's a great sight and good feeling to be in such an old school establishment. It has the feel of a place that's local, but also welcoming. I saw an older couple both eating two burgers each. They're small, and the food is meant to be eaten in quantity. I like the fact that they don't have either lettuce or tomatoes. If you go there, you'll see their system of work, and it's down to a science. They have contests and last month someone ate 26. The second place, a mere 13. See the website, the old photos are charming.

They grill them right in front of the window and they make burgers too, which are just as low priced.

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