Kid Koala’s Space Cadet at Mass Moca

Kid Koala’s Space Cadet at Mass Moca

I was at Mass Moca here years ago when Cai Guo Qiang had his great exhibition. First thing when you hear of a museum in a town called North Adams is that it'll be underwhelming, small, or just small town ish, but instead, you get high end, big, grand, still indie, and great setting for a museum. It was once a factory that's been cleverly converted into galleries. I never thought I'd be back, but here I am! Right now Sol Lewitt has art up as does Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Spock!). But on saturday night, Kid Koala's Space Cadet will have an art show / performance that seems like it'll be one for the ages. Two shows 4pm and 8pm and it'll be multi media in that Kid Koala way. Indie but big, which sounds like a great match for this venue. If the following shots are of any indicator, this will be fun.

Check out the floor. This is only half. There's a part that'll show his scratch board comic art and his space records collection. The floor? It'll be where you lay down and put on headphones to listen to Kid Koala's music. Bring your headphones! 200 people per show, so that's a lot of headphones needed.

That's the nuclear family. I wrote about Eric San Kid Koala on his first tour with Ninjatune. This must have been about 12 years ago.

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