Cameras, cookies

Cameras, cookies

This weekend I attended Hero Studios' annual holiday cookie gathering off Melrose and enjoyed an unofficial gathering of GR photographers. Above: Eloise and me with Ray Barbee, who has been featured in GR mag as a skater, musician, and photographer. What a Renaissance Man and nice guy. Look for him on TV in a Ford commercial soon! On Saturday night he was snapping away with a new used T4, but his real love is shooting Leica.

Two other Lecia dudes and GR contributors, Ben Clark and Doug Kim. In GR68 (on stands now), you can see Ben's photos of FMX stud Taka Higashino…

… and Doug's pics of the post-hardcore band from Japan, Envy.

Ray, Ben, and Doug are all over the place, so it was very cool and special to see them in one spot–one spot that had a table full of homemade cookies! Thanks, Bret and Happy!

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